About Emmett’s Sound Productions

large_logo2The origination of Emmett’s Sound Productions started in 1977 while Lee was participating in student government while attending a local Chico high school. As a student government officer, he was in charge of selecting music for dances, rallies, and etc. Since there was a limited supply of DJs at the time, Lee decided to purchase his own sound equipment to provide music for the school events. People would regularly request songs and he would happen to already have it on the turn table ready to play making people question “Do you have ESP?” Thus was the beginning of Emmett’s Sound Productions.

Emmett, Lee’s middle name, is a family name given to both him and his cousin Garth as a legacy of Garth’s father Emmett Moore. Emmett Moore was founder of the long standing Chico business Moore’s Award Center.

Emmett’s Sound Productions has been providing quality sound to the North State since 1977 and continues to be one of Chico’s top DJ services. Our team of event specialists help ensure your event will go smoothly. Our team includes multiples disc jockeys, an event coordinator, licensed pastors, talented musicians, and a licensed marriage and family therapist who offers couples communication workshops along with pre and post marriage counseling and seminars. By combining the abilities and skills of our team, we can offer services that are very unique to us and can’t be replicated. If you’re looking for a company to provide top quality sound and music at your event or wedding we hope you will consider us. Our motto is to pursue quality, not quantity.

Dear Lee, Thank you so much for helping to make Jeanine and Tim’s wedding day so special. May God bless you and your kindness.

~John and Bonnie Thomsen (Jon and Bon’s Yogurt, Chico, CA)

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