Couple Communication®

So, you’re planning your Wedding, but are you Planning your Marriage?

coupleOur founder, Leland Emmett McHatton is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a certified Couple Communication® instructor by Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc. of Evergreen, Colorado.  Couple Communication® is a course in improving communication styles and effectiveness. The course covers topics on how to better take care of yourself and your partner in a relationship, as well as improve your conflict resolution abilities and styles of communication.

So often we see couples prepare and spend so much time and invest thousands of dollars into their wedding day. We want to help couples make that same investment into their marriages. We are committed to helping prepare couples for their life together by offering this course to all of our clients. Whether it be pre-marriage or post-marriage, call and sign up today!

Lee McHatton is one of our highly skilled marriage teachers who can help you build a strong and lasting marriage.

~ Sherod Miller, Ph.D. & Phyllis Miller, Ph.D. Co-Developers of Couple Communication®

Emmett’s Sound Productions offers this couple communication course at a discounted rate to all of its clients.  This is just another example of the commitment we have to provide our clients with a quality product and service. We want you to remember Emmett’s Sound Productions in a very positive light long after your wedding day is over.

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