At Emmett’s Sound Productions we pride ourselves on going above and beyond.  We have established a team that can help your wedding or event go smoothly.  Our team includes multiples disc jockeys, pastors, musicians, and a licensed marriage and family therapist who offers couples communication workshops.  By combining the abilities and skills of our team, we can offer services that are very unique to us and can’t be replicated.

Entertainment Services

    • Our Disc Jockey services include set-up and take-down time at no additional cost.
    • One consultation is provided typically 4-6 weeks prior to your event at no charge.
    • We also have access to booking live musicians and soloists for your event. Whether it be a classical guitarist, harpist, violinist, pianist or saxophonist, Emmett’s Sound Productions can help you find the perfect musician for your special day.
    • We can provide a licensed pastor to officiate your ceremony.

DJ setup with the DJ stand, projection screen, and dance floor.

Additional Services / Extras Available:

    • Wireless Microphone:
      A wireless microphone is a great addition to any event, as it permits flexibility with toasts, announcements and party highlights. Please note that we use quality, high-end wireless microphones at Emmett’s Sound Productions.
    • Multiple Microphones:
      For musicians and/or soloists.
    • Lapel Microphone:
      Not recommended for outdoor use.
    • Shure Countryman:
      A high-quality ear-piece microphone.
    • Second D.J.:
      A second D.J. is an important piece to any event, especially when hoping for a lot of crowd interaction. Having a second D.J. allows the lead D.J. time and energy to interact with the crowd while not having to focus on the technical aspects “behind the booth.”
    • P.A. System for Wedding Ceremony:
      In most cases a second set of equipment is imperative for a wedding when the ceremony and reception are in different locations (i.e. outdoor ceremony, indoor reception). Having a separate system setup for the ceremony allows for a smooth transition into the reception, as the D.J. does not have to tear down equipment, move through the guests and set back up all over again. Rather, the mood is kept calm, yet lively, as the music flows from the ceremony directly into the reception area.
    • Additional Length Speaker Cabling:
      Available to spare the expense of two separate systems when applicable.
    • Additional Speakers:
      For large rooms, larger crowds, etc.
    • Monitors:
      Speaker monitors available for musicians and/or soloists.
    • Lightshow & Fog Machine:
      An extensive lightshow with or without a fog machine is available. These extras are popular for events such as school dances and corporate events.
    • Props:
      We sell props for your celebration that you can keep or we can even have them available to use at your party at your request.
    • 10 x 15 ft High Quality Parquet Dance Floor
      This is the perfect addition for any indoor or outdoor venues that don’t have a designated dance floor (delivery, setup, and tear down is included).
    • Video Package
      100 inch professional video screen on high strength folding frame (not the cheaper tripod stands that blow over) along with a 2500 lumen Sanyo projector.  Laptop is not included in rental package.


Popular Father Daughter Songs

These are some of the popular songs used for the Father Daughter Dance.

Popular Mother Son Songs

These are some of the popular songs used for the Mother Son Dance.

Popular First Dance Songs

These are some of the popular songs used for the First Dance.